Sojourn's Parishes are smaller expressions of the church as a gospel family. A Neighborhood Parish is more than a bible study, a mid-week meeting, a support group, or social activist club. We aim to love one another and serve the people in our surrounding neighborhoods in an everyday, life-on-life approach. The best way to become a part of what’s going on at Sojourn is to join and serve a Neighborhood Parish.

Because our Neighborhood Parishes live out the mission of God together in a specific area, location is the most important thing to consider in choosing a Parish. The map below will show you where all of our parishes are located. Click each map marker for more information, and if you would like to visit one of our parish gatherings, please fill out our online connect card (below the map), and we'll be in touch with you soon!

Online Connect Card

If you're new to Sojourn, we're eager to get you connected! Fill out this form to let us know you're here, and also for the opportunity to sign up for Realm, our online communications platform that we use for the promotion of community, connection, and ministry coordination throughout our network of Neighborhood Parishes. More than simply being a social media platform, Realm facilitates and supplements real relationships within your Neighborhood Parish and the church at large.