On Sundays, all of our Neighborhood Parishes come together to worship Jesus and proclaim the gospel through song, scripture, and sacrament.

Although the bulk of our life together at Sojourn takes place in and through our Neighborhood Parishes, Sojourn’s Sunday Gatherings are an indispensable component to the theological growth and unity of our members. The Sunday Gathering is where we rehearse the gospel story we’re seeking to live out daily.

When should I arrive?

We begin at 10:15 am on Sunday morningbut we invite you to arrive a few minutes early to enjoy a cup of coffee and meet some of our members!

Where should I go?

Our Sunday gatherings are held at at Briargrove Elementary School, which is located at 6145 San Felipe St. (click here for directions). On Sunday mornings, be sure to look for the signs that say Sojourn Galleria, pointing you either to the front or back door of the school. Every Sunday morning, volunteers will be standing by to help guide you. Wheelchair access is available through both doors.

Where should I park?

Visitor parking is in front of the school, on the north/San Felipe side, and parking for regular attendees and members is in the back on the school’s south side. If all else fails, just follow the signs when you arrive, and we look forward to meeting you!

What happens on Sunday?

Every Sunday, we sing songs together, we pray both privately and corporately, we hear the Bible preached, and we partake of the sacrament of Communion. 

What should I wear?

Our Sunday Gatherings are casual and familial experiences; we have kids running around and plenty of people from all walks of life. Please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. There’s a good chance our AC will be running, especially during the Texas summer; so if you get cold easily, it might be good to bring a sweater or light jacket with you!

What are my childcare options?

We are passionate about communicating the truth of the gospel in age-appropriate ways. Thus, we provide Sojourn Kids (click to learn more) for children ages 0-7. Our background-checked volunteers ensure that children are loved, cared for, and taught simple, gospel-centered truth.

Because we believe children benefit greatly from seeing their parents engage with God and his people, we encourage parents to bring children over the age of 7 into the sanctuary with us. Sojourn is a family of families, and we don’t expect perfectly behaved children! If your child is being disruptive, please don’t be embarrassed. The sound of children is the sound of life and a future!

If you have a child with special needs, please email us and let us know how we can serve you!

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